ScratchBoard University

Created out of a desire to promote art education through the art of scratchboard.

Become a Scratchboard Artist and Release the Artist Within

Art is great for kids, but with the decline in school arts programs all over the country, student access to the arts is limited. Art has many benefits to children and adult a like. Art improves motor skills, provides personal artistic fulfillment, and allows for personal expression. Scratchboard University wants to make sure that the kids and adults of today realize their creative potential and have the tools to use them.

Children's Art Education
Customer art of a cat and testimonial with headline "Artistic Passion"
art therapy for stress

Our kit is perfect for beginners, family projects or exploring scratchboard art. Recommended for ages 8+ with adult supervision.

Artist, Illustrator, and Teacher


The Founder of
ScratchBoard University

Paul started his career as an illustrator and graphic designer. His passion evolved to drawing animals using the scratchboard technique. Paul has been widely commissioned for not only his amazing illustrations of wild animals but also endearing pet portraits. Paul’s work is collected around the world.

Paul started ScratchBoard University to help others create their own works of art with with his scratchboard kit and video.

“I have always been a fan of nature, it is just part of who I am.”
WATCH THE VIDEO: [2.22min]