ScratchBoard Kit & Supplies

ScratchBoard Art for the Entire Family

Unlock the artist within…

ScratchBoard Kit & Supplies

Scratchboard University offers scratchboard kits, tools & supplies, and access to our scratchboard how-to videos. Our kit is perfect for supporting art education both in schools, art centers, and at-home education.

ScratchBoard University provides a platform to share your work and feedback to support your scratchboard knowledge and skills.  ScratchBoard University Kit Benefits:

  • Promotes hand-eye coordination & concentration
  • Can be used individually or in family/group session
  • Free access to our Step by Step Video instruction.
  • You receive 4 reference subjects immediately upon purchase.

Self-expression is how our community knows us. With a small number of supplies and educational videos, you will get to explore the Artist Within…

Family Engagement

Need a family activity? Create scratchboard art that will last a lifetime.

Art Education

Are your stay-at-home children getting an art education?

Creative Recreation

Bored at home with time to kill? Allow creativity to flourish.

Scratchboard Art Starter Kit: The Cure for the “Stay at Home” Blues.

We’ve reduced the price to $24.95 to help families and schools during COVID-19!
With our scratchboard starter kit and video training series, you can create your own scratchboard works of art, whether you are a budding beginner or an accomplished artist. You simply scratch off a layer of ink to reveal a world of imagination.

Your Scratchboard Kit Includes:
  • 16 panel step-by-step guide
  • Two 6″x6″ Scratchboards
  • Tracing paper
  • Backer board
  • Glue dots
  • Scratch knife
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Foam applicators
  • Tracing pencil
  • Tracing paper

Watch what is in your Scratchboard Kit [Video 3:26 min]

Your Starter Kit includes a Video Training Series

We care about art education

Once you receive your scratchboard kit, you will be given access to our video training series on how-to scratchboard. These 11 easily understood videos will take you through the process of creating your own personal art. The art of scratchboarding is perfect for an individual, a family, or in a group setting.

  • Keep bored children busy artistically
  • Promote hand-eye coordination
  • Allow creativity to flow
Scratch Board University Logo

ScratchBoard University was founded by Paul Hopman, an award winning scratchboard artist. He is passionate for the art medium and his hope that students and artists find the same satisfaction as they discover scratchboard through the university.

Children's Art Education
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Are you satisfied with your family’s art education?

Art is great for kids, but with the decline in school arts programs all over the country, student access to the arts is limited. There are many benefits to art education for children and adult a like. It improves motor skills, provides personal artistic fulfillment, and allows for personal expression. ScratchBoard University wants to make sure that the kids and adults of today realize their creative potential and have the tools to use them. Not ready to buy? Try our free video demo.

``Great for kids!``

October 23, 2019

``Really easy directions follow.``

May 15, 2019

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Are you ready to discover a new art form?

Art has many benefits to children and adult a like. Art provides personal artistic fulfillment and allows for personal expression. ScratchBoard University wants to make sure that the budding artist realize their creative potential and have the tools to use them. Not ready to buy? Try our free video demo.

``Great intro to scratchboard!``

March 3, 2019

``I got my own masterpiece!``

January 15, 2019